Introducing Olivernat

Olivernat was born in 1972 in Karlsruhe, Germany. At the age of 16, he worked at a pet store with an interest in aquatic animals as a apprentice. And in 1991 he successfully completed the internship program. He then worked as a retailer until 1995 at a small retailer. In 1994, he discovered the first book written by Takasha Amano and from the moment he was involved and interested in aquarium plants. In 1999, he contacted the father of the aquarium(Takashi Amano) for the first time, knott was the first person to bring products of Takashi Amano to Germany. Because of this, the first German-style aquarium in the Japanese style and the Takashi Amano nature aquarium near the Trust. Then a private relationship was established between him and Takashi Amano, and he began his career as an aquarium consultant in 2001.
His success in several aquarium design contests is as follows :
– AGA 2004 : winner
– AGA 2005 : First one (winner)
– IAPLC 2005 : Place tenth

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