Biography of Takashi Amano

Takashi Amano was an aquarist, photographer and designer who founded "Aqua Design Amano" in 1982. This company provides equipment for aquarium plant's growth. Amano's interest in aquatic plants led him to create Japanese company 'Aqua Design Amano'. Amano also wrote a book (Nature Aquarium World) which was published in 1994. This book was about freshwater aquarium plants. He also published another book 'Aquarium Plant Paradise' in 1997. A shrimp of freshwater is named the ' Amano Shrimp' after him. One day he asked a local distributor to order thousands of that shrimp. Nowadays they become a hobby in the freshwater planted aquariums. Amano also developed line of components which is known as ADA, moreover his 'Nature Aquarium' article was appeared monthly in two magazines, Practical Fishkeeping, and Tropical Fish Hobbyist magazines. Amano died in 2015 at...

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